Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Sun 22.4.12, Afternoon

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Pithiah A., Karin L., Shoshi A. (reporting), Trans. Judith Green

Hablah + meeting with Suliman, head of the Hirbat Aslah council


12:45  Habla, meeting with the MachsonWatch tour for English speakers,

mostly young men at the plant nursery.

3  young men waiting in the shed, one a resident of Hablah and 2 from

Qalqilya.  They say that the line at the exit is very long in the morning,

and that the gate opened at 07:00, they only got out at 08:00 and got to

work late.  They requested that the gate open at 06:00.  We suggested that

they prepare a list of names and ID numbers to give to the DCO, added to the



 12:50        A military vehicle arrives and the gate opens on time.

A young man goes through with 3 plastic bags.  The soldier asks him to open

the bags, in which is used clothing.  He is forbidden to bring the clothing

through the gate which is supposed to be for agricultural produce only.  You

can bring other things through the Eliyahu gate, but the man's permit is

only for the Hablah gate.  The bags are thrown into a field of thorns.

Those are the laws!


13:05    A large group of children passes through the gate toward the shed.

They finished their studies early and are waiting for the bus.


13:10     We leave.