Reihan, Shaked, Sun 29.4.12, Afternoon

Ruthy T. and Yochy A. (reporting)

Translator Dvora K.


Shaked/ Tura CP

3:15 p.m. – The entry gate to the CP is wide open. The refurbishing is in full swing in the entire area of the CP. Roads are being paved and a pedestrian path is being prepared to replace the dirt road that has been there until now. In addition, there is work in progress for building a covered 'sleeveinfo-icon' . At the side of the compound entrance there is some earth-moving being done. The massive construction work in the entire area looks as if it is preparation for a long stay (and what will be the fate of this place if peace breaks out? I imagine shops and a restaurant and maybe a civic center).


At this time, all is quiet here. An old man goes through. When we turned his attention to the refurbishing, he smiled and gestured as if to say, what difference does it make, let the boys play …..

An Israeli car brings two workers. One of them comes to tell us that recently there have been delays in the passage every morning, until 09:00 and even later. The soldiers are there – but not the (CP) workers. When he makes a comment to them, the answer is: shut up. We promised to find out about this.

An articulated truck arrives loaded with asphalt for the paving. It blocks the passage for a long time and Palestinian cars cannot go through. People who have gone through on foot are waiting for the cars on the side of the CP near us. This delay lasts for almost half an hour.


4:00 At this time workers are returning from work and there is traffic. Only a few cars go through.

4:15 We leave.


Reihan/Barta'a CP

4:25 Workers go through the sleeve in the direction of the West Bank. The gate that turns around is open and two posts are manned. The passage is very quick. One illegal sojourner is on the bench. A man tells us joyfully that he has received a permit to work in Israel.

Only one man comes from the West Bank to the seamline zone. Everything is happening in an orderly and peaceful fashion.

5:00 We left.