'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 7.5.12, Morning

Lea R., Anna N.S.

North  7/5/2012

Lea R., Anna N.S.


06:10 A'anin, Agricultural CP

A  few dozen people are waiting to go through . The representative from the DCO, Wahl, is on the grounds; passage is quick, routine.

A woman with an employment permit goes through the CP. She asks to go through with her young son. She has all the necessary documents to do this, but the boy cannot go through. It turns out that permission for the passage of young people without IDs with one of their parents is relevant only with an agricultural permit and not with any other permit. The young boy is forced to go back home; his mother went through by herself.

07:00 Shaked – Tura CP

The development work is going on in full force and that is why vehicles cannot go through the CP. An old man of 75 asks permission to go through in a vehicle to get to the other side of the CP in the direction of the West Bank. He has difficulty walking. He limps slowly, looks as if in a minute he will fall. They do not bring him a vehicle despite his request. But the soldiers do volunteer to help. A woman soldier goes up to him and gives him her hand, but he does not cooperate. That is how he manages to go through slowly to the other side of the CP where someone is waiting for him. Afterwards, we were told by one of the teachers that the man is going to be married in two days ….

07:45 Reihan-Barta'a CP

Workers are going out to work; pickup trucks are being inspected. There is nothing new except for the CP which is being renewed and refurbished so that it cannot be recognized.

08:15   We left.