'Anin, Reihan, Mon 30.4.12, Morning

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Lea R. and Anna N. S

06:05 A'anin: Agricultural CP

They are doing inspection in the middle of the CP; people are waiting. The ritual is routine: A resident approaches the soldiers, stops, shows his permit; sometimes he bends down and waits. The soldier stands opposite him with arms crossed or hands in his pockets; sometimes he looks to see what is in the bag and then the resident takes stuff out and shows it to him – a pita and water, and perhaps a slice of cheese and olives. Another soldier examines the computer. The document is returned to its owner. That is how about 30 residents of A'anin, young and old, go through, some on a donkey, or on a tractor. Sometimes, the human mass takes a few extra steps ahead and then the soldier yells at them in Hebrew and threatens to close the CP gate if they do not retreat. They go back or they do not and the routine goes on. A farmer on his tractor goes through and the soldier tells him to yell at those who are waiting to go back. The tractor driver cooperates and yells the instructions in Arabic adding body language so that they will be entirely clear. A young man arrives with his sick father's permit; he asks to go through to the family's land in his stead. They take his ID and tell him to wait. Toward closing time, they return the ID and send him back home. When we asked about this, the soldier answers: "We work according to the book. If there is a permit, he goes through, if there is no permit, he doesn't go through."

The sweet children are waiting for their ride and in the meantime are reviewing lessons; today there is an exam! And we are free of their bother.

07:00 We leave after the soldiers close quickly.


07:15 Barta'a – Reihan

Many people arrive at the CP in  cars, taxis or on foot. Most of them go through to East Barta'a. They tell us that you can't really make a living there. They 'dry out' for a whole day, and in the end have only a few Grush in hand. They claim that Jenin has become a prosperous market town again, and that is at Barta'a's expense.

Passage is quick, and there are no delays. Pickup trucks are being inspected. Others are waiting their turn. The CP itself is being renewed; the stone wall is full of beautiful landscapes; plants are flowering and the Israeli flag flies proudly in the center of the traffic circle. A site of tourism and holidays.

07:45  We shorten our shift. We are taking Ali to the hospital.