Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Sun 29.4.12, Morning

Zipi and Yael (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.


Meitar crossing

  Laborers fill the Israeli side of the crossing; the employers’ vehicles haven’t yet arrived to collect them.  There are no laborers on the Palestinian side.


Route 60

Everything’s as usual on Highway 60, traffic flows all along the road, children on their way to school and green fields.  The wheat awaits harvesting; it seems this year’s harvest will be bountiful.



The town is quiet and empty (before 8 AM).  Shops haven’t opened yet and the last children hurry to school.


We went up toward Tel Rumeida on the blue path marked by the settlers (which begins at the cemetery on Shuhadah Street) to inspect its treasures.  We discovered lovely Palestinian buildings that were renovated during the past two years with funding from Spanish Catalans.  That makes us feel optimistic – it’s a different city!


We exited opposite the military position at the beginning of Shuhadah Street, to the amazement of Kfir brigade soldiers who thought we were tourists who’d lost our way.  We had a pleasant conversation with them; they said they also oppose the occupation.


Route 317

On our way back we drove by the regional garbage dump.  People live amid the garbage and make a living from it!!! – they pick through it, sort their finds and discover all kinds of things – we’d rather not know what.  Quite a different experience!