Anata-Shu'afat, Ras abu Sbeitan (Olive Terminal) Thu. 15.03.12 morning

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Rahel M., Michaela R., (reporting)



6:40 Olive Terminal
Few crossing; two lanes are open.  There is hardly any line and passage is quick.
Large puddles meet the arrivals at the outside turnstiles, forcing people to twirl to avoid getting wet
Winter shoes set off the magnometer.  The penalty: to stumble around barefoot on the cold wet floor until the end of the inspection.
7:10 Anata
In the parking area, the transportation of pupils proceeds smoothly.
Pedestrian crossing: two more turnstiles have been added. This morning the inspection of documents is performed by soldiers standing in the lane, a procedure which speeds up the process.
Vehicular crossing: flows.  4 tracks are operative, the first for public transportation.  A big traffic jam begins at the exit from the checking area and up to the first traffic lights.  Drivers ignore the roundabout at the exit from the checkpoint and drive against oncoming traffic.