'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 1.3.12, Afternoon

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Tzafrira, Neta

Translation: Bracha

14:50 – A'anin Checkpoint

We arrived early and no one was waiting to cross.  The soldiers also arrived early and were waiting in their vehicle between the two fences. The soldiers did not bother to open the gatesinfo-icon.  They were evidently aware that no one had gone through in the morning because of the bad weather and no one would come through this afternoon either.  Unlike the soldiers, we were not obligated to wait until 15:30.

15:50 – Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

There is a relatively large amount of traffic.  Cars are being checked and are crossing in both directions.  A few pedestrians are also crossing.  One man crosses to the West Bank leading a horse. The soldiers play with the horse while the man is in the inspection booth.

16:00 Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint, West Bank Side

The lower parking lot is less full than on days when the weather is better.  Workers come out of the terminal and disperse to the various waiting taxis. 

16:35 – Reihan-Barta'a Checkpoint, Seamline Zone Side

Workers are arriving in their transports from work and walking down the sleeveinfo-icon.  Two inspection windows are open and there is no waiting line.   A few people cross from the West Bank to the seamline zone.  There are no detaineesinfo-icon.

16:50 – We are cold and decide to leave the checkpoint, where things are "going well."  There are no vehicles waiting to be checked in either direction.