Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Tue 17.4.12, Afternoon

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Revital Sela, Rachel Hayut (reporting)

12:00 Bezeq CP

An indifferent guard opposite the road. We went on.


The Alon Road – from the west: Near the settlement of Ro'I, there are four loaded army tractors. And on the sides of the road small groups of soldiers are performing maneuvers.


12:20 Hamra CP

On the way we picked up a very old Bedouin who was walking in the middle of the road with a big stick. He slowly went on his way on foot to the encampment near the CP (north of the watch tower). Two armed soldiers ran up to him and after a few moments stopped and returned. This was the first sign of the tension and the alertness which were appar today in this CP. The commander came up to us with his rifle drawn ready for any possible event, in order to instruct us to leave "the military area which is closed" for such as us. After that there a captain and an assistantcame, called by radio. He threatened us and even called the police. His assistant yelled at us angrily: "You are delaying them for me." Afterwards, they let us alone. Perhaps he understood that he is not our commander. In the meantime workers are going through, some on foot and some in vehicles. They greet us. Those who have forgotten how they smoothed the path south of the CP for them are sent to it. Schoolgirls who forgot that road – were reminded of it. The schoolbags are screened in the vehicle at the entrance to the CP, and this causes additional delays. Gigantic carts with giant rocks from the area of Nablus on them, are on the way to Jericho. Our friend, R.S. stopped his tractor at the junction and came to ask about Daphna, and to invite us for tea. He tells us that the army comes at night once or twice a week to ask for documents. "He knows me, so I ask him why he has to see my documents over and over again. And the soldier answers that it isn't him, it's his commander."

13:20 We left.

As we were leaving we received an invitation to visit and have a meal at the house of friends in Jiflik.

At the Hamra junction, when we turned north, we saw a police pickup truck. Did they come in our honor?


13:40 Tyasir CP

Along the road that climbs up to the CP there are soldiers doing maneuvers or guarding military equipment. At the CP, there are the banners of Kfir. On the fence there is still the threatening sign: WELCOME. OPERATION 97. TOMORROW WAR.

When we arrived we met the schoolchildren who ran madly through the CP and the minibus arrived after them.

We know the soldiers at the post because they were there last week – one from the settlement of Yakir and the other from Jerusalem. The atmosphere here is much more friendly and calm. The soldiers are certain that this is their land and theirs alone. It is not a pleasure to serve in the CP, but they "are guarding their home". Every Arab is a "potential terrorist", and that is why "this CP is so important". Later the captain, who lives in the settlement of Kida, arrived with three sergeants. They all belong to the Kfir Brigade. They explained the meaning of the slogans to us, and also told us about the military "personality" that chooses them (company commanders, brigade commanders)". "To think in spots" was the idea of XXXX who was advanced to a new role a long time ago.

Traffic is very thin.


14:30 We left.


14:45 Bezeq CP

They asked us how we were, where we were coming from and where we were going. It was important to hear that each of us speaks Hebrew.