Yael L.-J., reporting, Channah St., Avital F., driver


Etzion DCO


On   arrival about 3 PM the parking place was almost empty: There  were 3 cars in the parking lot and nobody in the waiting hall.

After a while a couple from Bethlehem came. Only the wife passed the turnstyle.

After  about  5 minutes she came back without the wanted permit for a visit to Israel.

She told us the following story:

She is a teacher in the Protestant boarding school  Talitha Kumi in Beit Jalla. Her subject is Religion. She needs the permit for Haifa in order to give a workshop  there.

What was surprising was that she told us that she has been trying  for 17 years in vain to get a permit, but without success. But her husband and her son had received permits.

She was already in touch with S.