Habla afternoon 16.4.12

Nina S., Petahya A., Shoshana Z., Ziona Snir (reporting)



   We managed to arrive from Ramin to the gate before it was closed. The traffic at the gate is lively in both directions. Four soldiers and a military policewoman stand at the gate. The pupil's'bus arrives, the soldiers open the luggage compartments for checking which is done quickely and the bus continues on its way while the children wave to us in greeting. 

The five soldiers rush towards one car at the exit and in the end it is sent back to Habla.

A nice soldier of Russian origin who stands in the shed next to us says:  ah……are you Machsom Watch

We: do you have anything against this

The soldier: No, but my world is different from yours…

What is our world? I don't know, but I don't like extremists. He informs us that we have the best prime minister in the world, as well as the best minister of defence, but he will vote for Yair Lapid…and then he will also have the best minister of education.

Alright, it would be difficult to find a worse minister of education than the present one.

I gave him to the article by Shlomo Gazit.