Activity in Hares and a tour at Kif El Hares, Kira, Zeita, Jama'in, Dir'Istia

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Dorit Geifmann, Naomi Benzur (reporting) with Nadim




Activity in Hares and a tour at Kif El Hares, Kira, Zeita, Jama'in, Dir'Istia


We left at 09:00 from the Rosh Ha'Ayin train station. This time we didn't drive through Huwwara (at former times there was no activity at the CP) but through Kif El Hares. At the entrance to the village there was a manned position. Beyond it a signpost of the Ministry for Religious Affairs point to the tombe of "Kalev Ben Yefune" (or what is more probable an ancient tomb of a sheikh) which is situated in the very heart of a Moslem cemetery. The tomb is clean and well kept. The site around it, in which Moslem tombs are scattered, is neglected.


At the village we reached the shop of the person who was supposed to help us organizing a class for study, but the shop was closed. A pity.


From there to the village of Kira. In its midst there is a narrow road paved by an international authority and which connected the village to Zeita, Jama'in and Huwwara, as a substitute for the road which has been closed for the village inhabitants.


From Kira to Zeita and through Jama'in to Hares. What strikes one in these villages is the amount of shut shops as well as construction beginnings, where the owners haven't got the means to complete them. There are very few people in the alleys of the villages.


At 10:30 we reached Hares. About 12 women waited for us. The veteran ones continues to study English with me and the others, whose English is very weak, worked with Dorit.


At 12:30 We left the village in the direction of the main road. At the exit there were three soldiers with a signpost: "Stop". Two introduced themselves as "commanders", stopped us and refused to let us pass, although our car had Israeli tags and we had identity cars.


We turned around to the village. It transpired that at the exit from Kif El Hares there is another CP. Nadim navigated to a third road which leads to Dir'Isrtia. At the exit – another CP. This time they let us pass.


At the Samaria CP there was an assertive soldier. He began investigating Nadim (as I answered the questions for him, he became suspicious). After all the IDs were checked he sent us on our way with a nasty remark to Nadim: "You are an Israeli or you just live in Israel?"


There is a great change in the army presence and tension in the area compared to the preceding weeks.