Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL, Mon 19.3.12, Afternoon

Shlomit S., Charles K.(translating), Ora A. (reporting)

Etzion DCL, 14:00 PM:
only one car in the parking lot.  The waiting room is empty and so is the courtyard.  A man coming out holding a magnetic card says three people are waiting inside.

14:10  People exit one after the other.  One approaches us, complaining he’s been blacklisted.  We refer him to Sylvia.

A few people arrive, are admitted immediately and exit after a reasonable amount of time.  Since no one approaches us, we drive to the Bethlehem crossing.

15:20  Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300:
a short line of people waiting to enter Israel at the single open booth.  The crossing to Bethlehem is open; the laborers cross without inspection.

It’s hard to forget the rigorous inspections that were conducted at this crossing, the great congestion caused by the masses of laborers seeking to return home after their work day, the shouting, the confusion, our attempts to get the commanders to ease the crossing, the explanations they gave that the rigorous inspections are necessary for Israel’s security.

The line of people seeking to enter advanced quietly and got shorter.  We left.