'Atara, Qalandiya, Sun 15.4.12, Afternoon

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Roni Hammermann and Tamar Fleishman (reporting)

Translating: Ruth Fleishman


While unconscious, a resident of Kafr 'Aqab was detained at the checkpoint until the permits from the bureaucratic system of the occupation came in.
They call it "coordinations" in the euphemistic language of the IDF.
In reality it is actually the control of the secret services over every detail of the individual's life.

Atara/Bir Zeit:

The performance described took place in a non-existing checkpoint:
A swearing reserve soldier greeted us. Once he and his friends understood that we weren't going to obey their orders and "bugger off" (as they put it), they closed themselves behind the fence of the site which is surrounded by a camouflage net, and held a session/lecture of which bits and piece reached us, regarding the subject- how and where should the checkpoint be deployed: "You will stand on the traffic island… to the direction of Ramallah… don't aim the weapon at the feet…"
-Where should they aim the weapon?