'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 2.4.12, Morning

Lea R., Anna N.S. (reporting and taking pictures)


A'anin CP: on the way to document inspection

Shaked CP: metal partition between what is theirs – and what is theirss

waiting inspection


06.15 A'anin agricultural CP

People are standing in the middle of the CP; a soldier is supervising them. One by one they reach the inspection post; they must not advance a moment before they are summoned. That is the way it is in the entire inspection pavilion, near the soldiers in the middle of the CP – the area is completely 'sterileinfo-icon' of Palestinians, except the person who, at a secure distance, is presenting his documents for inspection and then goes on.

We are told that new permits are now being issued, and people are pleased. Those whose family members have not received new permits are disappointed.

Inspection is relatively quick. By 06.40, all the people have gone through and the gatesinfo-icon of the CP are closed. All together a few dozen have gone through. There were no superfluous delays and everything flows, as usual, in the special rhythm of the occupation.

All around there are flowers in bloom, an illusion of calm; the Bedouin children invite us to their homes on a Friday or a Saturday when they are not in school.


07.00 Tura: The 'Fabric of Life' CP

The purpose: to ensure the quality of life of the residents on both sides of the barbed wire. There is talk about sensitivity to the feelings of 'the other side'. This is called preserving the 'fabric of life'. How touching!!

In the meantime, they are again inspecting people according to the system of "one at a time", as in A'anin. This is apparently according to new instructions because of the fact that the inspection hut is not in operation and 30 people crowding into the CP constitute a threat. They approach the soldier one by one and the second person does not begin to walk towards him until the first one is done.


We are told that for a week now nobody has gone through in Beithan and still the country is not in an uproar.

All together only a few dozen people went through to the seamline zone, mostly workers, teachers and school children. There are no delays in the direction of the West Bank; everything flows, as usual, in the special rhythm of the occupation.


07.45 New Barta'a CP

People are coming in waves in yellow taxis or in private cars, and entering the terminal for inspection. In a minute they can be seen in the upper sleeveinfo-icon leaving the terminal. On the road and in the parking lot more pickup trucks are waiting than usual, or so it seems. People that we meet leaving the terminal are happily on their way to another work day.


Opposite the parking lot for the CP workers, a young man is painting a blue sky and trees on a stone wall. It is really inspiring. There are no delays. Everything flows, as usual, in the special rhythm of the occupation.


08.20 We left.