'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 19.3.12, Morning

Lea R., Anna N.S. (reporting)

06.17 A'anin Agricultural CP


Vahel, from the DCO, who is in charge of permits, gave us his telephone number again if we need it for any reason.

About 15 people have gone through so far. Soldiers are waiting for others who do not arrive, and in the end they close the CP at about 06.30.


06.45 the New Barta'a CP (Reihan)

There is activity in the CP. People coming from the West Bank enter the terminal and leave for work in the seamline zone.

A vehicle on its way to the West Bank halts on the road where there are two routes: green for Israelis and red (dangerous) for Palestinians. A Palestinian driver halts in front of the hut, puts his ID down on the electronic shelf. The data appear on the computer inside the hut. If "everything is all right", the lever that bars the way is raised and the vehicle goes through. The entire action takes only a few minutes, but still it raises one's hackles because of what it signifies, especially in view of how fast the vehicles shoot past on the green route, driving freely into the occupied area, while the actual owners are required to identify themselves. All of this Is well-known and banal, but it is important to cite it again because it is so routine and calm on the surface.

We go down the sleeveinfo-icon to the opening of the terminal (on the side of the seamline zone): people emerge quickly. There are no complaints and no claims. Another work day begins.

07.25 The first pickup trucks leave the pavilion for inspecting goods. Others are approaching, first to the post for identifying documents and then to the inspection of the cargo.


08.00 Tura (Shaked) CP


The CP is empty. All the workers have already gone through; so have the school children. We wait for about a quarter of an hour. Only a few people go through. The quiet is intoxicating and misleading. It seems that this is not an appropriate time to observe in this CP and leave.