Reihan, Shaked, Sat 17.3.12, Morning

Rachela H., Noah L. (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.


Shaked-Tura Checkpoint – 07:20-08:55

There is a lot of pedestrian and vehicle traffic in both directions; it is moving quickly without any delays.  A woman arrives at the gate of the checkpoint with a babyinfo-icon in a stroller and a soldier directs her to an unpaved road separated from the road by a wall.  There has to be a separate route for everything.  However, after several meters, when he realizes that the stroller cannot be pushed on the gravel he tells her to go back on the road with it.  The woman refuses and continues on her way. 

People crossing tell us that they have gotten through quickly.


Reihan-Barta'a Checkpoint – 08:15-08:45

Here, too people are crossing quickly and there is a lot of traffic.  Men are coming out fastening their belts – a sign that they did not have to wait inside for long. A detainee is waiting on the bench inside while his case is being clarified.  A person approaches us and asks if his seven-year-old son, who is listed in his ID card, can come to work with him in Barta'a for a day.  We tell him that we think he can, but that he should ask one of the clerks at the window in the terminal.  People tell us that today things are going well, but yesterday was difficult, and don't explain why.

In the parking lot we meet Amjad and his daughter. They are waiting for Hassida to come and take them to a physiotherapy session in Um al Fahem.  It's a pity that we didn't know they needed a ride, and we could have avoided the unnecessary trip for Hassida.