Qalandiya, Sun 25.3.12, Afternoon

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Roni Hammermann and Tamar Fleishman (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Translation: Ruth Fleishman


Starting afresh

Once the vegetable stalls were here

At the endless traffic jam at the entrance to the checkpoint, a bus driver had the top half of his body hanging outside, he addressed Roni and said: "Tell the people from the Association for Civil Rights to come here, so that they see what goes on, I've got a lot to tell them". And a by passer asked: "Write, tell people about this place…"

Since soldiers lead by people from the administration had raided on the peddlers at the checkpoint and its surroundings, old Abu-Suliman's cart, who sells candy for a Shekels and salted Lupines for two Shekels, is positioned outside the entrance to the checkpoint construction. Because peddlers are forbidden to stand inside roofed construction, according to the directive of the municipality and the soldiers who abide by its dictation. By Abu-Suliman's cart, Fadi placed a fruit cart that was only half stocked.  
Fadi still hadn't recovered from the financial loss that he suffered after the entire merchandise of that day was thrown away, a thing that happened not before the arrival of the representative of the administration who drew a camerainfo-icon in front of him and in a humiliating and embarrassing gesture, immortalized Fadi's image as he stood by his source livelihood.

Everyone fears the return of the representatives of the occupation who impose law and order. No one knows when and from where might they appear and who will be the victims next time, but the people around there know, after years of standing there, that the current tranquility is temporal and fragile

But the law of survival and that which existence necessitates are forceful and plenty, and the loss of work days is a privilege that the Palestinians here can't afford.
And just as before, like the phoenix, they rise up from the wreckage and destruction and start over again.
And what had up until a few days been fruit lane by the side of the main road, gives evidence to what took place that day. That lane is still deserted and his now the lane of filth and garbage.