Qalandiya, Sun 18.3.12, Afternoon

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Roni Hammermann, Nurit Yarden and Tamar Fleishman (reporting); Guest: Ferdico
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Translation: Ruth Fleishman

Precisely fifty years ago, on the eighteenth of March 1962, the French occupation on Algeria ended.
The occupation lasted 132 years.
And what about our region?- The reality that is depicted in the thousands of testimonies given by victims and thousands of oppressive rifles and the violation of human rights , indicates that the occupation is insatiable, it only betters its grip and perpetuates itself and invades and destroys everything that hadn't already been oppressed, crushed and destroyed.  

And so, as part of the relentless bulling of the men in uniforms, "Yigal from Beit El" (so people said) stood at the head of the force that raided the fruit stands that were placed on top of mobile or immobile carts, along the road leading from Qalandiya to Ar-Ram and around the squares, he wouldn't stop before the theft and destruction were complete: equipment was confiscated, mountains of fresh fruit were thrown into the piles of rubbish that are never cleaned, and anyone

who had managed to build a shop on top of boards and canvases was threatened/promised that if he, A.- G., doesn't take it down himself by next week, the army will complete the destruction.
Apart for the destruction that "Yigal" and his people had created and apart for the financial loss of all the victims which adds up to thousands for Shekels for each person, the livelihood for their families had been shattered and they had lost the source of income that scarcely enabled them to provide for their household members.