Reihan, Shaked, Sat 3.3.12, Morning

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Rachela Chayut (reporting) Ronie – guest

07:10 – 08:30



07:10 –Shaked checkpoint.


A black torn flag of the 'spear's point' company (as we learned from the soldier at the base's gate) Two female soldiers (military police), three soldiers – one in an elevated post.

Only a few pedestrians and a few vehicles passing through at the regular familiar procedure.

There were also three students.


07:45– We left.


08:00 – Reihan checkpoint

About five empty vans witness of the almost no traffic on site. From the direction of the vehicles' shed we hears dogs barks.

Someone from the checkpoint ask who we were, we explained, he didn't seem to understand and reported that in his radio. Inside the terminal only one post is operational. The coridores are vacant, The sound of slamming doors is unheard today.

People come out of inspection with belts in their hands – It appears that due to the low ni\unber of people at the gate, passage is quick.


08:30We left.