Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Wed 7.3.12, Morning

Raya and Hagit S. (reporting), Ronit (guest)

Translator:  Charles K.


Tarqumiya – Hebron 

Police (rather than civilian guards) stop us today at the entrance to the Tarqumiya checkpoint.  They want the driver’s ID and license, open the hood (apparently to see whether the car is stolen).  Once again we feel absolutely no desire to go through here.


Kiryat Arba –  the ruins of Giv’at Avichai, but there’s still one building and a car (beginning to return?)


Very quiet at all the locations in Hebron.  Few people and children.  Two soldiers in the new post at Tel Rumeida.  One stops us, has never seen women from Machsom Watch, asks for an ID.

We saw people from TIP moving around.

Two detaineesinfo-icon across the street from ‘Abed’s; they’re released pretty quickly.

The soldiers told our driver not to park next to Beit Gutnik, “because he’s Arab”(???).

Music from Beit Gutnik (even though today’s the fast of Ta’anit Esther).

We ran into Yehuda, from “Breaking the Silence,” with a group of European journalists.  He calls our attention to the area around Goldstein’s grave, where the police have already erected a metal barrier in preparation for tonight’s reading of the Megillah!! (Be happy and joyous on the Purim holiday).