Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Mon 5.3.12, Morning

Hagit Back, Michal Tz. (reports)

Translator: Charles K.


The roads are empty at this hour; the laborers have already gone.  No snow is left either.  The air is fresh and clear; everything is green, green, green.  More police were visible today checking vehicles by the roadside.



A tense quiet.  Signs announcing Purim celebrations at “Nofei Mamreh.”  Soldiers detain many people at the checkpoints, but release them quickly.


Three detaineesinfo-icon at the Pharmacy checkpoint.  I understood from them that they were detained on their way to H1.  Strange.  “Yes?,” says the soldier, “What do you want?”  “Just to look,” I answer.  He returns to his post.  We wanted to be sure we understood correctly, so we waited for the detainees to be released.  After they left we dared ask, “Why did you detain people going to the Palestinian area?”  “We have to,” the soldier replies.

There’s a soldier on the roof overlooking the checkpoint.


The brave soldier in the upgraded post at the Tel Rumeida checkpoint detains everyone, including the handicapped.  Hagit tries to take photographs.  “You’re not allowed to photograph!,” he yells.  “Do you want me to arrest you?”

“Do you want to arrest me?,” she replies.  “Show me a document that says I’m not allowed to photograph.”

The soldier preferred not to hear her answer; the hero returned to his post.


We visited our friend A.’s metalworking shop to see how he was after a minor operation on his leg.  He’s OK, praises the doctors at the Hebron hospital.  Then he shows us photos on the computer of Hebron in snow.  Snowmen, children playing, expanses of white.  As if Hebron were like everyplace else in the world.