Reihan, Shaked, Wed 14.3.12, Morning

Vivien,Marika, Nava


08:35 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Only a few went through. One of them, who introduced himself as a resident of Um-Reihan, has been inside the inspection cabin for an hour and his i.d. card was taken from him as well as his passage permit.

That man brought in from the West Bank a wagon made out of a board connected to four bicycle wheels and covered by a roof rack. We called Vahl at the DCO, who was on his way to the checkpoint. In the end the inspection people had returned the man's papers but kept the wagon.


Vahl from the DCO arrived at the checkpoint. A resident of Daher-el-malec told him that he had expanded his home and needed molds for casting. He rented boards in Ya'abed. Following the completion of his renovations he brought the boards back, twice already, to the checkpoint but they wouldn't let him take it back to the West Bank. That man said he'll seek help from Vahl at the checkpoint. He hurried loading the boards back on his pickup truck and once again arrived at the checkpoint.


09:45 The board renter hasn't gone through yet but is quite sure that he'll be assisted by Vahl, as he had promised.

We left the checkpoint.


10:00 Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint

The car park is full of glorious cars.

At 10:30 three trucks entered the inspection area together with a few pickup trucks. Whoever arrived went through. Those who are authorized to go through don't come.

11:00 We left the checkpoint