Reihan, Shaked, Sun 26.2.12, Afternoon

Ruthy T., Yochy A. (reporting)

Translator: Dvora K.

3:00 Shaked / Tura CP

Three cars are waiting for inspection. The commander of the CP approaches us and courteously contests what has been written about him (that he yelled at young boys) when he commanded the A'anin CP. He intends to respond on our site.

A man who lives in Tura and works in Caesaria arrives in a car with an Israeli license plate. He gets out of the car and asks to return to his home in Tura. He is refused because in the CP – 'Fabric of Life' – they do not allow people who come with a car that has an Israeli license plate to go through. He has to drive to Reihan and from there to take a taxi to Tura. That is a long way round.

A young man who has two new tires for a car in his truck is not allowed to go through. He is told to phone the DCO and to ask for a permit. He waits for the DCO to return the call of the soldiers. An unpleasant conversation develops between us. ' During the Shoah the Germans did well, and when there will be war with Iran, they will f….. all the Jews.'

Traffic is light. We talk with a boy from Tura who is waiting for his father. He is 14 years old, an outstanding student in the eighth grade. When he grows up he want to be a high-ranking officer. His older brother works in hi-tech and his sister is married to a Jordanian and lives in Jordan. He has several other brothers and sisters. Two arrive at the CP on bicycles and join the conversation.

4:10 We left.

4:15 Reihan / Barta'a CP

The lower parking lot is full and workers are going through the gate very quickly. From the seamline zone to the West Bank, on their way home. A very large number of people are going through at this time.

Nine trucks are waiting for inspection

4:45 We leave.