'Anata-Shu'afat, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Tue 28.2.12, Morning

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Edit S., Anat T. (reporting)



6:50 Olive Terminal
Many children crossing, only their bags x-rayed efficiently, but the cumbersome machines and heavy bags knock down a girl, and she laughs...
\Toilets problem: they're locked.  They're open, so they tell us, only on Fridays and
Saturdays. This is an issue for the Civil Administration, and we shall make inquiries because many arrive at the checkpoint from considerable distances, and it's unthinkable to be without open and clean toilets.
7:50  The new Shuafat checkpoint
Bus #7 picks up boys and girls on their way to private (not municipal) schools from the roundabout beyond the checkpoint.  Although the bus enters the community, many choose to walk and wait for the bus here.
Extensive earthworks in the area near the wall, between the old and new checkpoints, are in progress.  A sign requests not to dump garbage, but says nothing about the purpose of the works.
In the parking lot we meet Sanduka, chairman of the neighbourhood committee, as usual co-ordinating the municipal transportation for the children.  He meets us very cordially, thanks us and machsomwatch for condolences, and tells of the visit to the mourning tent of in Jabel Mukhaber.  He tells us that today there is a demonstration of residents demanding a fire-fighting station and an ambulance for the Jerusalem neighbourhood which has been separated.  The authorities refuse to enter the neighbourhood, and residents continue to suffer and pay taxes.  We wish them luck.
We intend to ask Sanduka to give us a tour of the neighbourhood which has been detached from Jerusalem, and thereby create some links for expressing the support and solidarity of Jerusalemites with the plight of those forcibly detached.
Ditto with Sheikh Saed.