Reihan, Shaked, Tue 3.1.12, Morning

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Leila S. Hanah H. (reporting)

6:05 - Reihan checkpoint
The upper car park is stuffed with vehicles which is sign that there are still quite few people inside the terminal.

We go down the sleeveinfo-icon and meet women workers only. One of them tells us that most of the people are held by the X-ray machine that operates slowly.

Average time of stay inside the terminal is about 30-40 minutes.

6:15  There is noise inside the terminal after which pace of those coming out grows a bit faster.

Once again we are approached by people complaining that only one elderly person from each family can obtain an agriculture permit  and non of the younger family members who can help in the routinely chores of farming except for the two months of olive picking.

6:30- Heavy traffic to both directions, occasionally it seems as if some sort of blockage is lifted inside the terminal, but according to other people there is crowding of about 40 people by the machine.

7:05 - Shaked checkpoint
 Only now soldiers open the gatesinfo-icon and with in five more minutes people begin entering the inspection cabin.

A five years old child arrive with his father from the side of the West Bank, the kid crosses over alone into the Seam Line zone, near us, on the other side of the gate, his uncle picks him up to take him to the grandmother, to babysit for him at Daher-el-Malec.

Pedestrians as well as vehicles cross over on both sides.

7:25- School children begin arriving. Two female soldiers and a soldier with a pointed rifle, inspect their school bags and let them through quickly. College students who go to Jenin are required to go through the inspection cabin.