Bethlehem (300), Tue 17.1.12, Morning

Rachel M., Drora P. (reporting)


Bethlehem– Checkpoint 300 (Rachel Crossing):  due to traffic changes in the town, we reached the checkpoint after 7a.m.  Many vehicles were still waiting for workers, from whom we learned that the line is very long. They waited for c. 40 minutes. Only one opening was active. The women also complained that the humanitarian gate was not active. In addition, the operative system was to let through one group after another, and the workers in the last positions await people.

One of the officers there urged us to write of the activity at the crossing today, and of the rudeness of one of the female soldiers.

We called I., the DCO officer in charge of the crossing.  He wasn't there and said he would call somebody, and get them to change the procedures of crossing this morning.

Furthermore, he told us that the humanitarian gate may be opened only by a DCO officer. If he's not there - no crossing. He said he would try to find a solution to this problem. If he succeeds, it would make an important difference to the crossing.  Let it be, Amen.