Reihan, Tue 7.2.12, Afternoon

Yocheved, Hanah

Reihan - 15:20

Workers return from their work in Israel and in the Seam Line zone and tell us that in the morning passage was ok. There is a fast passage of pedestrians on both direction.

A store owner in Barta'a who lives in the village of Nazlat Eisa, which is under the rule of the Tul Karem DCO, complains that his passage permit allows him to cross every morning through the Taibe checkpoint only after 07:00. Asa result he gets to his store around 09:00. He feels lucky that he's allowed to return through the Reihan (Barta'a) checkpoint.

16:20- The stream of returning workers increases but they quickly enter the terminal.

On the main highway and at the lower car park there are 10 cars with goods, apparently waiting for tomorrow morning.