'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 16.2.12, Afternoon

Observers: Tzafrira Z., Neta G. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.

Cows wander on the approach road to the A’anin checkpoint and among the olive trees.  They’re apparently from Ein Sahala, the ones that damage the trees belonging to the farmers from A’anin.  We called the community police officer from the Shaked settlement.  He remembers the business with the cows.  He’ll look into it.

15:05  A’anin checkpoint

The checkpoint gatesinfo-icon are open, only a few people cross, and two tractors.

One man is detained; apparently he lacks a crossing permit.  The soldiers tell him not to worry, and tell us that he’s “clean,” he’ll be able to cross, and make a few calls to whoever they call.  Meanwhile the three soldiers from the armored corps and the female MP chat and laugh loudly.  The detainee waits, and we also wait.

15:30  The checkpoint gates are locked.  The soldiers and all of us are still waiting for the authorization.  The detainee can sit in the shed between the fences but he’s already fed up and walks back and forth.

16:10  The answer arrives.  He’s clean.  They open the gate to A’anin and he goes home, waving thanks to us, even though we didn’t help at all.  The soldiers can also leave the checkpoint.  The end of a hallucinatory hour.

16:25  Reihan-Barta’a checkpoint, the Palestinian side

The parking lot is full.  We park and give a man waiting for us the documents prepared for him by our colleague who deals with removing people from the permit blacklist.  He tells us about his family’s troubles.  Let’s hope he’s removed from the blacklist, and will at least find it easier to make a living.

16:35  Reihan-Barta’a checkpoint, seam zone side

Laborers come down the fenced corridor and immediately enter the terminal.  Someone is repairing the revolving gate at the entrance; traffic in both directions goes through a single revolving gate.  The female inspector is efficient, and no line forms.  Five detaineesinfo-icon sit on a bench in the terminal, seven more wait outside.  Two guards stand by the man repairing the revolving gate and instruct the inspector when to open and close the other one.  Soon the seven detainees are called inside and the revolving gate has also been fixed.

16:55  On our way to the upper parking lot we have the pleasure of seeing the gates to the vehicle inspection area open wide.  Three cars stand there, their hoods open.  The drivers close the hoods and drive off.

17:05  Shaked-Tura checkpoint

A few cars cross in both directions.  A few people on foot return to the seam zone.  We go home.