Reihan, Shaked, Wed 1.2.12, Morning

Vivien S.B., Marika, Nava Raveh (reporting)

08:30 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Rain, wind. Only six pedestrians went through as well as two vehicles.

09:40 Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint

We were surprised that the vehicles' barrier, on the way to the Palestinian car park, wasn't opened for us. They were waiting for the person in charge. That individual told us that the trust between the checkpoint employees and the women of Human Rights has been violated on Saturday (?) when, according to him, one of them transferred a sick girl and her mother, and she recorded her conversation with the person at the checkpoint. The checkpoint people were hurt by this (!). Finally they opened the gate for us.

During our one-hour stay at the Palestinian car park we observed nine trucks waiting for inspection in the pouring rain. Four other cars waited for pre-inspection.

Farm workers who had left early this morning are now coming back as they couldn't work outdoors, because of the rain. The workers who came from Hebron for sewage work in Barta'a, also returned early for the same reason.

A resident of the village of Amreecha told us that one of the village children, who studies in Ya'abed, apparently had thrown a stone. Ever since than, for a month now, the gate at the road leading from Amreecha to Ya'abed has been closed and school children, including kindergartners, about 150 children  altogether, must walk about 4 kilometers in the rain on a muddy road. Today they didn't go to school at all.

10:45 The rain continue to pour. We left.