Bruqin, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 10.1.12, Morning

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Yehudit Katz, Beruria Rosenwachs (reporting)



At the entrance to Beruchin a military patrol took place, a male and a female soldier marched with a walkie talkie and a military car accompanied them. It is quiet in the village, the children are on holiday and run around the streets. We passed next to the mosque that was burned down, and the burnt car and tractor which stand there as monuments in memory of the villainous act that has been committed in the village.


At the club we met the lady members and talked about the common plans. If everything goes well we shall begin working there next week.


We continued in the direction of Zaatara, the CP is open and cars pass without being checked. On the road leading from Huwwara to Beita a hummer with soldiers was parked.


At Beita, a very beautiful village. We met the members of an association which established a few shops for the sale of foodstuff made by them as well as cosmetics and handicraft. They very much wish to establish connections with us. To our questions about the bullying of the army or the settlers they answered that at their village all was quiet and that the difficult events take place outside the village.


On the way back we saw near the Zaatara CP ad group of soldiers marching at the margins of the street among which there were 2-3 men in civilian gear with arms. We didn't understand what that meant.


On road no. 55 we saw at the entrance to El Hares military vehicles.