'Anabta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Jubara (Kafriat), Salfit Checkpoint, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sat 14.1.12, Morning

Nataly K., Ruti R. (reporting)

Translator: Hanna K.


Today it is very cold, grey, rain from time to time. 

10:05 Salfit CP

Another improvement at the CP: a booth has been added at the left side of the road.

As usual there are two soldiers at the CP. The CP is open, there is no traffic.

10:15 Za'tara/Tapuah intersection

A military jeep at the parking lot

Two soldiers (at least) on the observation tower in the center of the CP.

On the road itself there are neither soldiers nor police.

The traffic is lively, almost as usual.

10:25 On the road from the Za'tara/Tapuah intersection to Huwwara, at the right turn in the direction of Beita, a military hummer is parked horizontally and blocks half a lane.  

Three soldiers on the road stop and check vehicles leaving Beita.

They stop a vehicle and wave to the others to pass,

They check I.D.s, trunk. They release it a few minutes later.

Immediately after releasing one they stop another and so on and so forth.

The checking seems haphazard and doesn't last long.

One pedestrian is stopped and checked.

10:50 Huwwara

At the center of the village, just opposite the falafel stand, there is a military hummer.

The soldiers are in the jeep.

11:00 Huwwara CP

The CP is empty. There probably are soldiers in the tower, we couldn't see clearly.

The traffic is lively and free.

11:10 Beit Furik CP – empty

11:15 A hummer is parked at the entrance to Itamar

11:20 Again the Huwwara CP 

This time there are soldiers here. A military Hummer is parked at the exit from Nablus.

There are four soldiers on the road, they signal and stop cars for checking.

Again – the selection seems haphazard, one vehicle is checked while a soldiers signals to the others to go on driving, and when the checking of one is finished they fish another vehicle.

While we were there they released the cars quite quickly, after checking the I.D.s and the trunk.

11:40 Sara Junction

We see a police car, no detaineesinfo-icon. Later, immediately after we turned into road no. 60 we saw a police jeep hastening in the direction of the junction.

12:00 We entered the road to Beit Ibba. We saw no CP not even a flying CP at the Shave Shomron settlement area.

Actually, just as we went back to road no. 60 a military jeep entered and drove in the direction of Beit Ibba. We didn't check.

12:30 Anabta CP

The checkpoint is empty.

We bought coffee from the man with the thermos (it is rainy and cold and he is here!)

and collected a Palestinian hitch hiker who, according to him, had been waiting there for an hour without anybody stopping for him.

12:40 Kafriat/Te'enim passage

No cars as opposed to sunny Saturdays. We returned to Israel.