Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Sun 8.1.12, Morning

Zipi and Yael (reporting)

Translated by Jenny L.

Meitar Crossing

the parking lot on the Israeli side is full of cars and workers who have not yet set out on their journey. The Palestinian side is empty - as each person arrives they are quickly checked and pass through the checkpoint.

Route 60

All checkpoints are open and there is a good flow of people. There is a heavy presence of IDF vehicles along the Route.


It's cold and clear in the city. Children are walking to school bundled up in coats. International volunteers are in place at the checkpoints, counting the number of people going through the crossings. Golani soldiers appear to be at loose ends, supervising but scarcely interfering with the flow. The city is quiet and clean, with an element of tension in the air because of the military jeeps circulating between checkpoints.

Route 317

The Ziff Junction - we went into the grocery store to buy something and also to find out whether indeed a Palestinian had forced his way through the checkpoint and been shot on Saturday. According to the grocer's version of events, it was a Palestinian who had been driving an unlicensed vehicle and burst through the checkpoint to escape from the police. Thus an incident of a crimininal background, not a nationalistic one.

We went via Hirbat Tiwani to take a look at digging operations and then made our way back home.