'Anata-Shuafat, Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Thu 5.1.12, Morning

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Rachel M., Yehudith S., Michaela R., (reporting)


In general: most school children are on holiday
6:45 Sheikh Saed
Few crossing; and crossing is swift.
Olive Terminal
Here too, few crossing, no lines inside.
Anata checkpoint
We began our observations near the exit for pedestrians.  But even before we got close, two civilian security guards descended upon us, shouting and trying to send us away. Their language was blunt and aggressive.  We did not give way.  When the checkpoint commander approached, the two withdrew and we complained about their behaviour.  For the duration of our stay, they never took their eyes off us -- waiting, like a cat stalking a mouse, for some "slip" on our part.
Remember: it's important not to be intimidated by the personnel of various security companies.  They have no precise authority vis-a-vis citizens.
This is a convenient spot for observing the inspection of vehicles.  Two positions were operating, at one only decuments were checked quickly, at the other both documents and trunks were checked and crossing was slower.  Buses were checked inside but passengers were not asked to descend.
Here too school children are on holiday, and the parking lot for buses was empty.
The pedestrian crossing was almost empty.  Those checking were sitting down in their stations.
There are preparations to activate an x-ray machine for objects.