Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Tue 20.12.11, Morning

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Revital S., Rachela H.

Translation: Bracha B.

We passed through Bezek Checkpoint. 

Alon Road

They are no longer working on the piles of earth.  Evidently they are already high and broad enough to please those responsible for security.   On the other hand soldiers from the Kfir Brigade are training intensely and the entire area is filled with clusters of tents and vehicles.

12:05 – Hamra Checkpoint

It is quiet and there is very little traffic.  Pedestrians pass through the checkpoint, holding their belts, and a few greet us.  The soldiers ignore us completely.  We left at 12:45.

12:55 – Tabatz Junction (Ascent to Tayasir)

Students are getting out of their transport vehicle.

13:05 – Tayasir Checkpoint

Here, too, there is a lot of noise and shooting from military exercises.  There is very little traffic.

We began to approach the position and were immediately shouted at to "get back, this is a military area".  Looking at the flag at the entrance we noticed that the soldiers had changed, and there is now a white flag with an emblem of a lion and a word.  A soldier comes out of the camp with a heavy jerrycan and asks us if we have permission to be there.  The road is empty and there is no traffic.  We presume someone has told the soldier about us. 

13:35. We left and saw no cars on our way back either.  We drove through Bezek Checkpoint at 14:00.