Etzion DCL, Tue 27.12.11, Afternoon

Yael L.-J. (reporting), Avital F.(driver and translator)

Etzion DCO


Arrival at 14.40 PM. It was still Hannukah and Christmas had just passed. Perhaps this was the reason why only two cars were parked and only one Palestinian sat in the waiting hall. He was a businessman from Bethlehem waiting for friends who were bringing him a document in order to get a magnetic card. After they had arrived he was immediately let in,and we had nothing to observe anymore. After waiting for another 15 minutes we left.



Wadi Jona


Nobody was there.


Kiryat Arba


We drove along the main road in parts, then had the impression that this was not such a good idea and returned to the highway  to Jerusalem.


On our way home we took the road to  the Herodion via the small


checkpoint Har Huma


(for traffic from and to Beit Sahour) which was almost empty 


We did not check checkpoint Bethlehem, because A. had no gasoline anymore.


Return 16.00 PM.