'Anata-Shuafat, Qalandiya, Mon 9.1.12, Morning

Ina F., Judy O., (reporting)


The waiting area is dark and empty. Three sleeves and three gatesinfo-icon are open. From time to time a line forms but the turnstiles are opened quite frequently. There is no need for the Humanitarian gate. By 06:00 all five gates are opened.

We met a group from England – previously arranged with Ina. The group included the British Minister of State for Middle East Affairs, and the Consul. They were accompanied by other visitors from England. They said they had come to observe, although some had already been to Qalandiya before.

Questions were asked about Qalandiya, about Machsomwatch etc.

It was not clear what the follow-up to their visit would be and what they intended to do with their observations and the information they received

Re: schoolchildren

The buses still loading at the old spot at the Anata checkpoint, rather than carrying the pupils through the checkpoint, are the buses going to municipal schools in Jerusalem: those buses going to private schools carry the pupils through the checkpoint (from the eastern side.), where they are briefly checked by soldiers.

The head of the village committee hopes that boarding buses to municipal schools outside the checkpoint (at the old place) will be a temporary arrangement once all involved can be assured that the buses can be boarded securely on the eastern side of the checkpoint. 

Children at Qalandiya and at Anata have not been told to acquire special passes to their birth certificates as in Sheikh Said