Reihan, Shaked, Tue 27.12.11, Morning

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Hanah H.

Translator: Yael S.

6:05 Riehan checkpoint

The upper car park is full, people complain that passage through the terminal is slow today. A resident of Um-el-Da'ar (who is registered at Ya'abed), which is a village quite distant from the road to Tul-Karem, and who is employed in West Barta'a, turned to us saying that his daughter is handicapped and requires his help daily. He has a permit to work in Israel which allows him to stay overnight, but according to his permit he's allowed to cross in the morning only through Jalame or Itrach checkpoints, which are far away and costly to get to. He is helpless, asking our assistance in getting permission to go through Riehan in the morning.

6:20 I go down the sleeveinfo-icon, a slow line of women coming towards. Most of the female workers come out now, following a long period of waiting.

6:30 The pace of passage picks up.

At the lower car park I meet a young driver who's been denied entrance by the Shabak but at this time he was allowed to drive through the checkpoint with his goods. But despite that every single day he is detained for an hour for inspection.

7:10  Shaked checkpoint

The checkpoint is open. About 50 people cross from the side of the West Bank, some of whom work at Shahak.

Heavy traffic on both directions.

Many vehicles wait on the Seam Line Zone side.

7:25 Pupils come and walk through swiftly. Two soldiers inspect their bags.