Reihan, Shaked, Sun 25.12.11, Morning

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Ruthi T., Hasida S.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

Shaked-Tura Checkpoint, 07:30
We overslept and arrived later than usual. A group of people were waiting, apparently for more workers to come, and then were making their way towards Dar-al-Malach. The children have not yet crossed and we were told there was no school that day, because it was Christmas.

Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint 08:00
The checkpoint is filled with landscaping and has trees growing around it. The lower parking lot is almost full. People who work in Barta'a are crossing without any delay. We only encountered one problem, which we could not understand, but received information from our friend Ilana H. who speaks Arabic and has translated and published the event in the literary section of Ha'aretz last Saturday.

A seamstress coming from Jenin to Barta'a had a magnetic card that was still valid, but she was sent back three times at the checkpoint and was not allowed to go to work. We managed to understand that the problem was a bandaged finger and all we managed to convey to her was to go to the Liaison and Coordination Administration at Salem to clarify what the problem was. We hoped she understood us. Meanwhile we checked to see how long it took several other people to cross from the lower to the upper entrance to the terminal. It took about 7 minutes. About six or seven trucks were waiting for the first stage of vehicle inspection. They were evidently the second batch to go inside. We saw no sign that there were any trucks inside the building with the two gray domes, but that is because what goes on inside there is confidential.