Reihan, Shaked, Tue 6.12.11, Morning

Leila S.,Hanah H.
Translation Yael S.

A'aneen checkpoint is closed, The olive harvest is over and we're back to the regular schedule.

6:10 - Reihan checkpoint

The site is active in all its points and traffic of people flows at a good pace in both directions.

T. tells us that yesterday on his way home he wanted to bring in a bag of fabric remnants given to him at the sewing workshop, and he was told that he couldn't do it without prior arrangement with the DCO.

Another person tell us that the drinking water faucet at the exit of the terminal is broken and that, despite complaints by many people, so far nothing has been done to fix it

6:50 - Shaked checkpoint

The place is closed. Now the olive harvest has ended the gate no longer opens at 06:00. A soldier opens the checkpoint at 7:00 and six more soldiers follow him slowly.

There is a rumor that the checkpoint will come under the supervision of the  borders passage administration.

Teachers from Tura and Jenin are already waiting by the gate.

7:05  The gate from the West Bank side opens. There are about 30 people waiting but they are allowed inside the inspection area only two at a time.

7:10  A car with teachers comes from the direction of the Seam Line zone and drives through immediately.

People going out into the Seam Line zone cross at a good pace of 1-2 minutes each.

7:20  One of those waiting at the West Bank side entrance complains loudly: "Every 5 minutes they let only one person in".

Teachers crossing to Um-el-Rihan enter the inspection cabin without waiting and come out immediately.

7:25 The pace of people entering the checkpoint has picked up, at this time children begin arriving and they go through with inspection.

It appears that today the checkpoint is busier than usual; more people and more vehicles going in both directions.

7:40 Things begin to calm down and we leave.