Bruqin, Habla, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 8.12.11, Afternoon

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Michal Bostik, Yehudit Levin (reporting & photographing)

 Natanya translating    

.13.10 The Habla checkpoint.Soldiers check those who pass. There is a sign in Hebrew concerning the times of passage in the checkpoint.

13.45 Next to Gilad ranch a system of night lights is being built along a couple of kilometers.  The sides of the road are also being widened.

At the hiking post at the entrance to Gilad ranch there are also paving stones which can be used sometimes as a rolling checkpoint. On road 60 in the direction of Huwwara – and on them are posters supporting Kahana.

13.50 Huwwara checkpoint …we did not see soldiers at the checking post.  


14.25 Za’tara checkpoint….we did not see soldiers at the checking post.

14.40 Brukin village.  We went into the village after the arsonage which had been the previous night.

We were told that people had gone to pray at the mosque today as an expression of solidarity with the people of the village. While we were there we also saw those who had come to pray. The steps at the entrance had been cleaned but they still have not found with what to delete the slogans on the wall.

They also do not know how the owners of the tractor and the car will be compensated as the insurance does not cover arson.

When we asked about the fire engines we were told that they had called that of Salfit but by the time it arrived the vehicles had been burned.

When we asked people how they felt they said it was not the first time that they had been attacked and it would not be the last.

15.20 Azzun Atma checkpoint   The line of workers that we managed to see was standing in the rain outside of the big shed.  We did not stay for long.