Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Sun 4.12.11, Morning

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Zipi and Yael (reporting)

Trans. Jenny L.

Sansana-Meitar Checkpoint:

full of people on the Israeli side, but the sleeveinfo-icon empty of people being checked. One bus is already waiting for the families of prisoners on the Israeli side. On the way back, we saw three buses on the Palestinian side, but the convoy had already gone on its way after having been checked.

Route 60

all the blockades open as usual, light movement of vehicles and already there is no sign of schoolchildren along the road. Perhaps transportation to school has been organized??


all quiet; international organization volunteers are at their posts at the Pharmacy, Tarpa"t and Tel-Rumeida Checkpoints. Quiet, fast crossings at all checkpoints - we didn't see any special checks being carried out. Border Police soldiers at the entrance to Worshippers Route, at Curve 160 and the different entrances around the Cave of the Patriarchs do not delay passersby but merely observe them.

We returned via Highway 317 - Zif junction, the settlements of Maon and Carmel: all is quiet and the road looks quite deserted given the absence of vehicles..