Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Fri 18.11.11, Morning

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Efrat B., Clare O. (both reporting). Ilil N.-B. (translating)
Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300:   four lanes are open.  Once in a while, a female soldier in lane 2 raises her voice and rudely disciplines the Palestinians: “Take out your permits!” She calls them to order.
To a Palestinian hoping to cross with his children she says: “You have a work permit.  This isn’t a children’s summer camp!”
An older man presents his permit, but the permit says it won’t be valid yet for another two days.  Two weeks ago there were similar cases like these, just as tough as today.  So he’s not allowed to pass: in two days he won’t pose a threat to the State of Israel, but today he apparently does.
We can’t hear any of the other soldiers.
Etzion DCL, 10:30 am:    we drive towards the DCL  to meet a Palestinian who had worked for years in Israel until one day, he was suddenly forever denied permission to enter.  He tells us that someone had reported to the GSS that he’s an arms dealer. Now he must somehow raise considerable sums of money for legal fees to try and overturn the ruling.