Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 13.11.11, Afternoon

Nava D., Daniela G. (reporting)
Ezion DCL, 15:15:  similar to previous weeks (except during the last holiday during which things were quite chaotic according to reports) very few cars in the parking lot, no one in the waiting hall and when some minutes later someone arrives, he is let in immediately. The girl at the window smiles cheerfully towards us and says it has been like this all day.
Mother and son coming out of the office say there are only 4 people inside, 2 of them depart within 5 minutes. The son's story is a somewhat vexing one: he has been an Australian citizen for the past 21 years, now visiting with his Australian wife and their small children because his mother is sick. At first everything was fine and they could travel back and forth between Tel-Aviv and Bethlehem without a problem. A week or so ago he was suddenly informed he would need a permit and a magnetic card as a prerequisite. Today he got the card and now needs to apply for a permit. His wife declares this is the last time she will ever set foot in this place again…
Bethlehem Checkpoint:  it took the man we timed about 10 seconds to go in and come out on the Bethlehem side.