Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Sun 27.11.11, Morning

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Lea S. and Paula (reporting)

Trans.: Charles K.

Sansana-Meitar crossing

Many vehicles in the parking lot on the Israeli side, to bring laborers to their jobs.  No line visible on the Palestinian side.









Route 60

Soldiers stood on the Poreh side of the Poreh-Al Fawwar junction, but there were no detaineesinfo-icon.


Pharmacy checkpoint:  An additional (new?) revolving gate behind the inspection shed; concertina wire across the width of the road (the photo shows a boy going through).  So you first have to go through the revolving gate, and then enter the shed.

The checkpoint at the road up to Tel Rumeida:  no detainees.  The soldiers asked who we are.  And, in wonder:  She, too?  They were referring to Lean, our “rebbetzin.”  An ecumenical volunteer said it’s quiet, but that on Saturday settlers from Tel Rumeida poured sewage on the local residents.  He photographed the incident and promised to send us the video.  I’ll pass it on as soon as I receive it.

Worth noting: the soldiers were pleasant







On the way back we saw them reinforcing the earthen berm along Highway 317.

Also worth noting:  Hazif’s grocery guy also opened a vegetable stand outside.  We recommend stopping for the fresh spinach, as well as for other produce.