'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Tue 22.11.11, Morning

Leila S. and Hana H. (reporting)
5:55 A'aneen checkpoint
On the way over we met many workers who had already gone through the checkpoint. Inspection is going fast and without problemse are under the impression that many young ones go to work.
At 6:10 we are told that there are 50 more people, and tractors, twaiting to cross .
6:20 Reihan checkpoint 
The site opens at 5:00. Traffic is slow, only a few cars at the upper car park and those coming out of the terminal say that inside "they are sleeping".
At 6:30 traffic picks up and people start coming out of the terminal faster.
Vehicles go quickly from the Seam Line zone into the West Bank.
6:50 - Shaked checkpoint
All the workers and the farmers had already gone through and at this time teachers cross swiftly on both directions.
At 7:20 pupils begin to arrive and they too go through fast while two soldiers (a male and a female, with guns) inspect their schoolbags.
In general we observed a routinely well-handed conduct at the chokepoints.
But what are the checkpoints doing there in the first place?!