Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Tue 15.11.11, Afternoon

Yael L.-J. (reporting), Avital (driver)

Etzion DCO


General remark


 Because of professional needs of Avital we had to shorten our tour. The checkpoint Bethlehem  got left out. Usually there is no control when Palestinian workers and employees are streaming home after work.  


Etzion DCO


When we arrived at 14:40  it was almost empty. There  were four Palestinian cars in the parking space, nobody in the waiting hall, none of the soldiers at the counter, but slowly, slowly some more applicants arrived ( 7). The soldiers took their time before they letting these people in. A tall soldier was screaming (mostly in Hebrew) at the people and at me. Because I did not understand a word, he could not hit me.


When  somebody on the soldiers side was occupied in some  way with  the 7 clients, another two applicants came. One of them was a beautiful young woman, who told us, that she had to see a specialist at the St. Josef's Hospital in Jerusalem for expert advice regarding her health problems.

The soldiers let her wait about half an hour. I called them twice. First time whoever answered the  telephone disconnected when  he heard my introduction "here is ......... from Machsom Watch". At my second attempt the line was busy. After half an hour the young lady  was let in. We left and returned to Jerusalem via Checkpoint Har Homa, where cars were passing slowly.