'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Tue 29.11.11, Morning

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Hanna H., Yoheved G.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

It is 06:00 and Aánin checkpoint is open. People claim that yesterday the checkpoint opened at 06:00 instead of 05:00. On the other hand, yesterday the gate opened at 17:00 rather than 15:00 - the hour when people return from work. Why the delay? People want to get home from work! The god of the occupation knows…

The crossing is going smoothly but we can’t see the people waiting at the slope leading down to the checkpoint. We wanted to get closer but were told we were not allowed. We were told that about 70 people were waiting.

One person was held up and was told that he could not enter despite the fact that he had a permit. Why? Because the soldier who was checking saw him in Um Al Fahem. But he has a permit!  He was forced to go back. Evidently every soldier is king and the man was not allowed to return home by way of this checkpoint. 

At Reihan and Shaked checkpointstraffic and crossing were going smoothly, but the occupation continues in its usual manner. A Palestinian whose land has been divided by the fence at the settlement or Reihan has not been able to work his land since 2004, and all his attempts to reach his land have been in vain. He has a Jordanian certificate of land ownership and he is unable to get to his land to cultivate his olives. He recently saw a tractor on his land, uprooting olive trees.  We referred him to several people who could help. He has already tried several places. 

Another person has been denied entry to work in Israel despite the fact that his Israeli employer requested him. Apparently was denied entry because several members of his family have been arrested in the past. The absurd thing is that they have already been released from prison and have received work permits in Israel, while he is still denied entry despite the fact that he is innocent. It's like talking to the wall. 

We met a man with a new car – or rather a used car that he bought one year ago but he cannot take it across the Shaked checkpoint with the new license.  He has already attempted to straighten the matter out at Salem and Ramallah where licenses are issued. He was told to come back every time. He finally went to court and was issued a license allowing him to cross at Shaked, but he is still at the mercy of the soldiers at the checkpoint.