Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Thu 10.11.11, Afternoon

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Slomit S., Ora A. (reporting). Ilil N.-B.(translating).
Etzion DCL, 13:30 PM:   a dozen men and women waited in the hall near the carousel.  At 13:40, everyone was brought inside. Several additional people arrived and sat in the hall. After a short period, those who’d received magnetic cards started to exit and those awaiting were brought in.  Everything proceeded quietly and with no incident.
A sad-looking man approached us and showed us a receipt for 500 shekels that he’d paid, he said, to release his son from jail. The son had been taking from his home and told that the reason was nonpayment of traffic fines. The father said his son has no car, and it’s not clear why he was actually fined and arrested.
An older man tells us he’s been waiting for several hours for his daughter-in-law who’d been released in the Shalit deal.  She’d been called to the GSS this morning and still isn’t out.  His son, her husband, is still in jail.
A younger man arrived at the hall, also released in the Shalit deal.
Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300, 15:30 PM:  because the DCL continued
to operate with no problems, we drove on to the Bethlehem checkpoint.   All lanes, apart from the last one, were empty.  The gate was open and those who arrived passed without being examined.