Qalandiya, Fri 23.9.11, Morning

Orit D., Nili P., Ofra T. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.

9:00  The shed, as usual, is filthy.  Very few people.  TV crews in the parking lot wait for action.  A camerainfo-icon is (apparently) floating above A-Ram.  Many soldiers and police are present.  People who usually go to Jerusalem for Friday prayers or to take care of things apparently avoid this checkpoint because of frequent clashes occurring here.

We met an elderly man from Tulkarm who spoke very good English, who’d tried to attend the prayers.  He didn’t have a permit.  He anticipated they’d prevent him from going through but, defiantly, decided to show his desire to pray.  He won’t request a permit from a foreign authority to worship at a place sacred to him.  The angels, he said, observe his intentions and reward him for them – and, on the other hand, punish those preventing him from fulfilling the commandment.

After a short time, we left.  The disorder started later.