Qalandiya, Tue 27.9.11, Morning

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Ina Friedman, Nava Jenny Elyashar (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.

6:00 – About 250 men waiting outside in three long lines.  All four inspection lanes are open inside, about 40 people waiting at each.
In the plaza we meet two ecumenical volunteers from the new group which just arrived.  They report that an hour ago the situation was more difficult.  Now there’s no congestion, but according to what they told us it took 40 minutes this morning to go through, from the time someone arrived until they passed through inspection.

6:30 – In the last half hour, 230 people went through the revolving gatesinfo-icon and 90 through the humanitarian crossing.  The DCO officer said that about 5,000 people go through Qalandiya on a normal day/morning.

7:00 – Three hundred people went through the revolving gates during the past half hour, and 170 through the humanitarian crossing.  There’s congestion in the inspection lanes, but no line at all outside.